Exalt Apparels Ltd is the only contact you need to handle the entire process from design and production to shipping and reorders. We are currently 21 employees. Total sales in group are 10 million U.S. dollars annually.


We have our own offices in Bangladesh and UK. Our staff visits over 15 manufacturing centers daily and know exactly where to find the right prices, quality materials, reliable manufacturing and factories with approved working conditions. Choosing us for your textile & Leather with Jute craft production means:

  • Long experience with all related home textile woven, knitted, sweater garments, leather goods & jute craft.
  • A single contact to manage the entire production process – no unnecessary administration
  • Save time and get more done when visiting BD with your new product – we bring the manufacturers to meet you in our local offices
  • We provide manufacturing approved by organizations such as the CSCC and the BSCI
  • Our offices perform inspections of the manufacturing facilities every day, ensuring that working conditions are always above standards
  • We are on the market every day, finding the right prices for you whenever you need them
  • 11 years in the business stands for reliability in the long run: our suppliers have worked with us for a long time and are today advanced in know-how, vertical production lines and provide favorable prices
  • No need to negotiate with local export corporations and meddle with down-payments – we handle export ourselves and do so on terms that favor you
  • We have our own design studio, saving you the effort of finding one

Professional Service with competitive price

Exalt Apparels Ltd. monitors manufacturing manually and technically, from the yarn weaving, yarn stages to finish product, on site in order to closely track your production to ensure that it adheres to your standards and schedule and keep you regularly updated with your production.

ONE CONTACT… One contact does it all

When you come to Exalt Apparels Ltd with your idea, order or request it is to save yourself the time and effort of building up your own production department. We provide you with design, contacts in materials and manufacturing, quality control, approved working conditions, shipping and reorders, all in one contact.


Your eyes and ears in BD

Exalt Apparels Ltd work in the Baltic and Asian countries where textile manufacturing is at its best. In our offices in Dhaka and Chittagong, over 20 of our employees keep their eyes and ears out for everything that happens in the manufacturing business. We know where to find high quality materials at the right price, we know the manufacturers personally, and we know the best way to handle payments in and out of countries such as China.

Many orders add up to low prices

Our greatest strength is that we supply the manufacturers with a large quantity of orders, thus bringing down prices for all our customers. We can save you valuable time and money trying to find the lowest price to manufacture your product – we already have it. Today, we are working our way into Europe and the USA.


Our customers also have other concerns than low prices and reliable delivery of goods. We work with major organizations such as the BSCI to have the factories we work with meeting their standards on working conditions and work environment.

We are where the manufacturers are – every day

Today, most of the factories we work with are up to standards and we continue our effort to have them all on board.


We allow no child labor, no bonded or forced labor or any kind of discrimination. Health and safety regulations are to be carefully observed at all times, salaries are to be above minimum requirements, and government requirements for working environment and working hours are to be kept.


The environments of the manufacturing countries are also a concern of ours. We help provide the factories with equipment that is environment friendlier and also heightens awareness of environmental hazards.


We know that it is easy to manipulate an inspection when done once in a while, why we continuously inspect manufacturing sites to ensure that everything is in order.

Stability in the long run – building trust

We have over 10 years in the business and have built trust with both our customers and suppliers in Asia.


Some of our suppliers have worked with us for 6 years, so we know their goods is up to our standards and they give us good prices, since they know we will come back.


This long-term partnership with our suppliers have allowed us to build trust with our customers and to help our suppliers develop their production lines to the fulfil the demands of our customers.


We call it our ”win-win” philosophy: both our customers and our suppliers come out the winner of entering into business with us.

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